Tuesday, 24 March 2020

#BLOGPOCALYPSE : #Heroicustom Riker's Pizza box props.

Welcome to the first entry of Blogpocalypse Season!

2020 is set to be a bumpier ride than running a peddlecar along a street of cobbles. Still, the human race can use this difficult lockdown period in history as a character-building experience to learn new things and get creative.

I've finally blown the dust off the Figured Out dashboard in order to get Blogging about junk again. This is a coping outlet if anything and should there be an audience - that's a bonus!

I've picked up on consuming Star Trek again in recent months. I finally got round to watching Star Trek: Discovery and now I'm really enjoying the new Picard series too.

A particular episode I really liked most of the first season featured the return of Captain Riker and Deanna Troi that showcased thier new life on Nepanthe. This episode also involved Pizza! Without spoiling too much, the Star Trek brand now has a pizza chef!

There's been lots of Riker's Pizza fanart since the episode, but I decided to try and lazily photoshop together something different instead. Cutout action figure scale Pizzaboxes!

Download the image, follow the instructions, print on card and assemble! Since toys cant do social distancing on government oriders, your action figure shelf can now have a Pizza Party!

Have fun.

(Box template from allFreeprintable.com)

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