Tuesday, 31 March 2020

BLOGPOCALYPSE: Ice Armor Skeletor set free

 After almost 17 years of living in my loftspace, I decided to set Ice Armour Skeletor free from his prison of bubblecard packaging! Ice Armor Skeletor was price slashed down in 2003/4 by my local Keynsham Entertainer to a mere 80’s pocket money level of £3! I instabought ol’ Bonebrain after being captivated by the awesome figure design. The entire Masters of the Universe 2002 toyline was sculpted and designed by notorious ex-McFarlane collaborators - Four Horsemen Studios whose efforts nowadays can be seen put towards collector market figures more than retail releases.

I could have sold this badboy for big bucks on ebay (search for Ice Armour Skeletor and see for yourself), but this particular action figure deserved to be shown off and incoherently blogged about… 

So, what you get is Skeletor in winter fashion (or rather an icey repaint of Fire-Armour Skeletor). He’s got a new Havoc Staff that launches the skull-end as a projectile and two very cool icy blades that fit on the back when not in use. Again, the design is incredible and features a lot of collector-level depth for a toy marketed to be taken out and played with.

For photograph purposes, I wanted to wait it out for a snowy day to free Skeletor, but the Apocalyptic Spring of 2020 seemed like a better time than any. Fortunately, I have a snowy diorama background my daughter and me put together for the purpose of Christmas Card toy photography and Disney Frozen scenes. Also, my backyard featuring an unkempt lawn with stray Nerf darts and garden toys scattered around also made for a fun backdrop.

Do I have regrets opening Ice Armour Skeletor? Absolutely not. I put off taking this toy out for well over a decade and now I want to dig more unopened figures and toys from years gone by. With the current (as I write) Pandemic the world is under it is important to use the downtime to make ourselves happy when possible. Even if we’re looking silly in front of the neighbours taking photos of toys on the back patio… 

Enjoy the gallery.

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