Monday, 27 April 2020

BLOGPOCALYPSE: Mrs Hero's Awesome Stickerbook

Through this aweful worldwide pandemic, I've been visiting storage wherever possible to find long forgotten treasures and to spring clean along the way.

Whilst looking for some Ladybird Transformers books, I came across this fun artifact from my wife's past.  A mini scrapbook of a different kind for stickers!

Back in the day, stickers were like gif files and emojis in paper form. Stickers were bigger back then with various Panini brands, free sticker sheets in cereals and comics and bumper stickers of any kind (with scratch n sniff having an honourable mention!)

Feast your eyes on the spectacled compilation of Ninja Turtles, Band-Aids, Streetfigher 2, Ghostbusters and some cheesy old school Christian slogans upon the scanned pages! :)


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