Monday, 21 September 2020

Takis Zombie Nitro Tortilla Chips

In this age where meals or snacks get their own online photoshoots, we at are throwing in a new contribution with this latest ‘foodie’ article.

In the buildup to Halloween, limited edition junk-food is starting to surface, or rather has done subtly over the summer. There’s soda, cereals, and in a lot of cases Pumpkin flavoured everything to promote the upcoming season.

On my travels in Cyberspace, I found these really awesome tortilla snacks from the US of A (where a majority of the awesomely themed-food originates from anyway) called Takis.

Takis from
what I have experienced are a predominantly Vegan-friendly rolled crisps range - boasting a vibrant packet design backed by an even more vibrant array of chilli peppered flavours!

In good fortune, I came across a couple of bags of Zombie Nitro flavour and couldn’t wait to tear into these badboys.

From the cool silhouetted Zombie hand illustration to the general mouldy look of the crisps, it was in love at first sight! The mixture of Cucumber and Habanero Chilli made for a tantalising tastebud sensation and one thing led to another.


Barcel Takis have taken a cannibalistic theme in zombies and made it work towards creating a perfect Vegan-friendly snack for Halloween and Walking Dead watch parties alike.

Takis we salute you.

These are great with Sainsburys Houmous by the way…

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